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AI Content checker uses modern AI technologies and algorithms to find AI text similarity. You can detect AI generated content accurately with percentage for free.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to AI Checker

AI content checker is an online tool that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to detect AI-generated content. It can identify if a text is written by a human or Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Jasper, etc.

Our AI detector analyzes the writing style and sentence structure of the text. It looks for patterns that are commonly found in AI-generated content, such as repetitive phrases, keywords, academic language, and grammar errors.

Features of Our AI Writing Detector

This AI content checker offers a lot of features. Some of them are:

1. Detecting AI Content

Our AI checker has the ability to distinguish between human-written and AI-generated content. The tool analyzes text, sentence structure, word choice, and grammatical patterns to make an informed assessment.

2. Provides AI Score

Our AI content detector provides you with an approximate score from 1 to 100. If the content is totally generated using AI, our tool will show it as 100% AI-written.

If the content is further edited and paraphrased, our AI detection tool will show you an approximate score from 1 to 100.

3. Make your Content AI free

As our AI detector checks the AI percentage within content, it allows you to make your content AI-free. This is the main feature for students or writers who have AI plagiarism in their content.

You can click on it to make your content AI-free, and it will look as if a human has written this content. You can further use our rewording generator to rewrite or rephrase your content and make it 100% unique and engaging.

4. Download Report

Once you’ve checked the AI similarity in content, you can download a detailed PDF report. It makes it easier for you to send this report to whoever wrote that content.

AI-written sentences are highlighted so that one can see and rewrite those sentences to remove AI plagiarism.

Why to Check AI Content Similarity?

It is crucial for us to check AI similarity for a number of reasons. Generative AI is meant to assist us in doing several tasks. Instead of taking help, a lot of people started doing their complete work with them.

Just like a student can write its complete assignment using an AI tool. This is something Educational Institutes do not recommend and consider as the violation of academic conduct.

A content writer can also use a generative AI tool to write a complete article. Search engines like Google, Bing, and others have helpful content guidelines. They want helpful content by and for the people.

These things make it important to check the content and find out if it was written by a human or an AI writing tool.

Why Plagiarism Checkers Can’t Detect AI Content?

Regular plagiarism checkers compare the given text with what is already published. Just like our free plagiarism checker would find text similarity with other published pages,. AI plagiarism is different from regular plagiarism.

It is because generative AI tools use algorithms to generate content. AI content is a kind of spin content that usually goes undetected by plagiarism checkers. That is why we’ve created this AI writing checker to find AI similarities and plagiarism.

Popular Generative AI Tools

AI was there for a long time, but ChatGPT was the first of the generative AI tools. Generative AI is something that interacts with people and helps them do their tasks. Some of the popular generative AI tools for content are:

1. OpenAI’s ChatGPT

ChatGPT allows users to generate text using simple prompts. It was built to assist us in doing our routine tasks, but a lot of people use it for generating content. Our ChatGPT detector is quite efficient and uses AI to find out if the content is written by ChatGPT.

2. Google’s Bard

Bard is another popular generative AI tool that helps users generate content. Bard provides more human-friendly content as compared to ChatGPT. Our AI text detector can easily tell whether the content is written by a human or Google’s Bard.

3. Anthropic’s Claude AI

Claude AI works a lot better than many other generative AI tools. Its mechanism and algorithm help generate NLP-friendly content, which almost seems like human writing.

Many AI detectors fail to detect Claude’s content, but our AI-generated text detector uses advanced algorithms to catch it instantly.

How to Find our AI Content Writing Checker?

Our AI writing checker is just a few searches away, as you can find it easily. You can simply find our tool on the search engine or directly type its URL in the search bar.

Type keywords like "AI Detector" or "AI Checker" on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. As our tool ranks higher, you can easily click on it to get help with detecting AI similarity percentages within content.

To directly access it, type the URL address "" in your search bar. You can bookmark this so that you don't need to type this URL again.

Technology used by our AI Detection Tool

Our AI writing checker uses different technologies to predict and catch AI similarity or plagiarism. Some of these technologies are:

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Heuristic detection
  • Linguistic analysis
  • Expert-based systems

A combination of these technologies enables our ai text detector to predict AI similarity perfectly.

About this AI Checker

I was auditing a website that wasn’t performing a while ago. The content was looking fine, and everything seemed perfect, but the website wasn’t performing.

These were the early days when only a handful of people were generating AI content. So, it wasn’t common to take AI content into consideration while auditing a website’s content.

As I further researched and discussed with others, someone recommended my analysis and tried to find out if the content was humanly written. At that time, there weren’t any AI content detection tools available.

I used my machine learning and content analysis experience and added another specialist of this domain. Upon checking, we got to know that the content was totally AI-written.

Usually, AI content is spin and doesn’t always have any uniqueness or quality. That is the sole reason the site wasn’t performing.

We fixed this by updating human-written content, and the site started performing. This started our journey to building this AI writing checker.