Report a Problem

Report Issues to Help Us Improve

We strive to provide useful, functional tools on our website. However, sometimes issues can occur with tools not working properly or having other problems. If you encounter any issues while using our tools, please report them to us so we can investigate and fix them.

What to Include in Your Report

To help us effectively address tool issues, please provide the following information in your report:

1. Tool Name

Let us know which specific tool you were using when the issue occurred. Providing the name allows us to quickly identify the tool.

2. Issue Description

Describe the issue you experienced in as much detail as possible. Details like error messages, unexpected behavior, or interface problems are very helpful for troubleshooting.

3. Steps to Reproduce

If possible, outline the exact steps you took leading up to the issue. Knowing how to reproduce it significantly aids debugging efforts. Don't worry if you're unable to reliably reproduce it though.

4. Screenshots

Pictures can convey information better than words sometimes. If relevant, include screenshots of the tool interface, error messages, or unexpected behavior.

5. Additional Context

Provide any other context about what you were trying to do with the tool or specifics on your browser, device, etc. This assists with scoping the issue.

How to Report an Issue?

To report an issue, please send us an email. Our email is contact at rewording-tool dot com. We have a team dedicated to improving site tools by prioritizing and resolving issues reported by users like yourself. Your reports directly enable us to enhance these tools over time.